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Our History

Founded in 2002, MaxiFlex™ is led by our experienced management team and engineers who have an extensive knowledge in the development and commercialization of Urological medical devices. MaxiFlex™ focuses on the manufacture of affordable Endourological devices that are easy to use, less traumatic, and more cost-effective.

MaxiFlex has launched two products, the  SemiFlex Scope™ Flexible Ureteroscope and a line of affordable holmium laser fibers.

The first product launched by MaxiFlex™, was the SemiFlex Scope™  (disposable ureteroscope ), a functional disposable Flexible Ureteroscope, which facilitates access to stones in the Ureter and Kidney, including the upper, middle, and lower calyces. MaxiFlex™ has continued to change the paradigm of stone management with the release of the Limited Use SemiFlex Scope™ Flexible Ureteroscope.

Through these continued efforts, MaxiFlex™ aims to become the leading provider of affordable Urological devices for the treatment of Kidney and Ureteral stones.

 Our continued emphasis on Research and Development will continue to improve our high quality surgical product lines at the pace of technological advancements.


Meet Our Team

Gary Ventrella


Joani Ventrella

Director of Finance

Nicholas Gerbo

Director of Operations

Chad Fabares

Director of Production

Mackenzie Powers

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Brittany Garcia

Director of Quality Assurance