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SemiFlex Scope™ Ureteroscope Deflection

The deflection profile of the SemiFlex Scope™ was specifically designed to fit the profile of the kidney. We used MRI data from kidneys to create models to design the deflection section of the Scope. The image below shows the deflection profile over the kidney model and the video shows the deflection over a different model. The result is a device that provides easy access to the lower pole of the kidney. The push ability and torque transmission combine to provide for excellent access. MaxiFlex Endo65LU E DemoVid1.m4v  ... read more

Shock Wave Lithotripsy vs Ureteroscopy

This interesting study looked at the incidence of hypertension and/or chronic kidney disease in patients that had undergone either SWL or ureteroscopy. The findings showed that extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) to the kidney was associated with a significant increased risk of hypertension but ureteroscopy was not. Neither treatments were associated with chronic kidney disease. It is unclear if these findings will shift EAU guidlines of interventional treatment of urolithasis further towards endourologic... read more

SemiFlex Image Quality

The SemiFlex Scope is able to provide excellent visualization of the kidney and ureter. The technology used to trasmit the image is not subject to individual fiber breakage so there is no degradation over time. This provides excellent image through the entire life of the device. Click on the link below for a video of the SemiFlex Scope™.  ... read more

Flexible Ureteroscopy Repair Cost

One of the challenges of managing a kidney stone treatment center is the cost of fragile instruments. The fragility of flexible ureteroscopes has been universally bemoaned in the urology community. Many high profile studies have been performed over the years typically showing an average of six cases per scope before repair is required. This is especially true of repaired scopes. One particularly interesting study looked at the cost of the repair program relative to the profitability of the procedure as a whole. The results of the study were that the average repair cost of their devices came out to $605 per case. The authors concluded the procedure was profitable so long as the repair costs were lower than $1200 per case. Basically, there was $1200 of profit in the procedure and flex scope repair was eating half of it. This figure does not include the initial capital cost of the purchase of the ureteroscopes themselves, a figure that would likely be substantial. At typical prices for ureteroscopes, (~$12,000 +) it is easy to imagine that stocking an OR with 5 or 6 of them could easily burn through a sum of $115,000 making this profitable procedure substantially less profitable, if at all. MaxiFlex has created the SemiFlex Scope™ to address the issues of flexible ureteroscope costs. Delivering superior optical and deflection performance for a total cost per case that is less than current repair figures, it is easy to see how much the SemiFlex Scope™ can save you on your flexible ureteroscopy program. The next time you are considering purchasing or repairing a flexible ureteroscope, consider the SemiFlex Scope™... read more