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Holmium Laser Fibers

MaxiFlex™ is quickly becoming recognized as the leader in offering high quality holmium
laser fibers at a fraction of the OEM cost. Healthcare providers from around
the world are using MaxiFlex™ fibers to help lower laser procedure costs for
their facility. If you are looking for a way for your facility to immediately and
significantly lower your costs with no compromise in quality, then MaxiFlex™
holmium laser fibers are it.

MaxiFlex™ sells a complete line of disposable and reusable surgical laser fibers for Holmium Lasers.
We offer all of the most popular sizes such as 272, 365, 550, and 1000 micron
diameters. Our fibers have specially calibrated connectors and are compatible
with current hospital-owned holmium lasers such as Lumenis™, Dornier™,
Trimedyne™, and Newstar™.

Facilities have found that they can reduce their annual spend on holmium laser fibers by
as much as 45% by switching to the MaxiFlex™ Holmium laser fiber line. Contact
us today and let us show you how to achieve those savings for your facility.


1. Immediate cost reduction

2. No new equipment to buy

3. Premium Quality at a fraction of the cost

4. No minimum orders – fibers sold individually


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